Fashionable bag, clutch bag, bucket bag, tote bag : your next trendy nugget is here and we offer you personalization !

The weekend bags


You are…

Bold, bright, adventurous, courageous, precious, gracious, rambunctious, clever, mysterious, adventurous, ticklish, grumpy, annoying, traveling, famous, pulpy, mischievous, virtuous, talented, player, mocking, meticulous, rocker, charming, radiant, singer, fighter, proud, lazy, hardworking, generous, victorious, gaffeous, chilly, handyman, laughing, wonderful, joker, lucky, show-off…

You are a Cénélia woman and it is for each of you that I make my bags with love and care !

Each creation is thus handmade in France and in a limited edition.

Wear a unique piece, a fashionable bag that will only belong to you : the personalization of YOUR Cenelia is offered 😉


# Fashionable Bag & Clutch Bag By Cénélia

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