Whether they are influencers, bloggers or everyday wonder women like you and me, they have in common that they wear a Cenelia to brighten their days.

Discover the model of the trendy handbag or pretty clutch bag they fell for !


IMAGE CONSULTANT (@rossellaoppes)

A graduate of the London Image Institute, Rossella is a great fashion pro. The proof : she made it her job!

Imagine my enthusiasm and pride when she contacted me to consider a partnership with the brand…

Rossella is a sunny, gentle woman who manages to stage her looks like no one else and that’s what I love about her : her singularity, her sense of detail, her liveliness of mind, her elegance…

Rossella is not an influencer like the others : since this first collaboration, we have been exchanging regularly, she follows the evolution of Cénélia, the new collections, she encourages, congratulates. Her sensitivity and attention touch me…

Rossella has chosen a very strong, very sunny wax bag.

She appreciates the origami folding that allows you to go from the office to the restaurant in the blink of an eye with a chic practical and trendy handbag designed for everyday use !



I met Léa during the brand’s first Parisian shooting last December. We criss-crossed the Capital illuminated with Christmas decorations and it was a real joy !

A fashionista at heart, Léa shares her good tips, looks and beauty tips on her blog. We are linked by our passion for travel and the discovery of new horizons…

Lea loved the colourful and mixed spirit of Cénélia, this tropical invitation that brightens up everyday life !

She was also won over by the brand’s ever-limited editions, the privilege of carrying a unique handmade and trendy handbag that no one else will own….

She chose a very Parisian bucket bag, easy to carry to explore the urban jungle, which perfectly matches her image as an active young woman.

See you soon for new adventures pretty Lea !


MODERN TRAVELLER (@cecilia_foissard)

A dreamer with her feet on the ground, nomadic but sedentary, idealist but realistic, globetrotter part-time, that’s how the charming Cécilia defines herself.

A lawyer by profession and an independent journalist, she writes for major magazines and travels much more than a passion : it has become her way of life and her blog is proof of that !

I had a great feeling with this girl and her world : for Cécilia, any means are good to discover the World !

She has taken her Cenelia trendy handbag from Mexico to Asia, from Medewi to Bali : what a pleasure to discover her sunny pictures and that smile !

Her favourite models : the shopping bag of course, ideal for the beach and to take all your little mess with you, and the clutch bags, practical and chic in the evening or with a small light dress.


FITNESS LOVER (@metony_mie_)

I remember as if it was yesterday of our meeting : we were in Martinique, in the early morning, the day was just getting up when I saw this blonde girl arrive, hair in the wind, skinny, with her jean shorts and her little white top.

It was Emilie, as sweet as she was beautiful, as shy as she was photogenic…

This shooting with the talented photographer Marie Brion was a pure joy.

Club Med Les Boucaniers had opened its doors for us for the occasion and I remember that I was watching to see that the coconuts didn’t fall on our heads while we took this picture in the palm grove !

This “Outre-mer” clutch bag fits you perfectly, the girl from the islands in love with this small Caribbean paradise.

I look forward to meeting my beloved Caribbean again to do such a photo shoot ! Until then, I go out with my clutch bag, dreaming of sun and hot sand….


THE ISLAND GIRL (@holymane_)

A fan of the positive attitude, Mély, aka HolyMane, is a ray of sunshine on her own !

Proudly wearing her afro mane, she shares her beauty, well-being and lifestyle tips and tricks on her blog, with her beloved Martinique !

Mely is a lover of life and its origins : how right you are, my dear !

She is a black beauty, a Caribbean woman, a solar woman who fully assumes herself.

Thank you for your smile. Thank you for your concern. Thank you for your kindness and availability. Thank you for giving a trendy handbag Cenelia to your mother : what an honor for me!

I can’t wait to find you and Mely and that magic pontoon !

I’ll bring the unicorn and black swan buoys again, I know how much you love them (not!!!)….


FASHION BLOGER  (@lejournaldeprisci)

Prisci, she’s a remarkable piece of woman who takes you into her joyful and audacious world in two seconds.

Young active woman with a strong character, she is passionate about fashion and also shares on her blog her favorite beauty, travels, literature, and other Caribbean adventures…

Prisci has fallen for this minaudière much less sober than it seems: with its small cinnamon stick and its cauri shell, this clutch bag decorated with a bag jewel looks like him : it is a real Caribbean and sunny creation !

She has also succumbed to a pretty clutch bag with shimmering colours called “Tropical mood” that she wears both as a trendy handbag and in the evening to stand out.

Invited to the launches of major cosmetics brands and fashion shows taking place in Martinique, Prisci never fails to accessorize her outfits with a trendy handbag Cénélia 😉


PHOTOGRAPHER (@lorycoat)

In real life, Lory is a photographer. Okay. But in reality, this girl is above all a great lover of life and her island !

If you follow her on Instagram account, you will discover Madinina as you have never seen her before !

Lory has the natural gift to sublimate everything she sees through her pictures (even Martinican traffic jams!), to make beautiful what seems good to us, to make us travel at any time. Her photos transport you in two seconds under the Caribbean sun or on a white sandy beach…

And that good mood, that smile, that look… You will have understood, I am a fan of this young lady !

Once again, Lory did me the honour of passing in front of her friend Marie Brion’s objective for the occasion.

Actually, I wasn’t there when this shooting was done at the Pottery Village, so next time, wait for me girls !



If you read the preface to Thia’s blog, here’s what you’ll find out :

When I said I was “normal”, I may have exaggerated a little…

That’s me !!!!!!! Thia for close friends. Epicurean and a touch of delirium, I enjoy life to the fullest (as long as I have some left, I enjoy it, huh…).

Vegan recently, I like good food, good wine, champagne, sport and music.

My leitmotif: tomorrow does not belong to us…”

All said and done !

Thia is a solar and multifaceted woman. Air hostess in real life, living in Berlin for a few months, Thia is also an determined girl boss who has at heart to make us discover the best of the West Indies, and not only rum (even if she talks about it very well!)


PHOTOGRAPHER (@marie_brion)

She is Marie Brion but everyone calls her Marion (because it goes faster) !

Don’t be fooled by her skin colour (she doesn’t tan, she burns in the sun, damage ahaha !), Marie lives well under the Martinique sun. She will soon join the Metropolis and live very close to me, and that’s cool !

When she’s not behind her camera, you may find her dancing like a madwoman to wild rhythms, having drinks with her friends, or sipping a nice cup of tea in front of Netflix.

Marie has believed in me and in Cénélia since the beginning of this adventure, she is the one who realized all the first shootings of the brand, it is even she who initiated me to the Instagram stories in the middle of an airport !

If you want to offer or offer yourself a natural photo session, not in the studio, a session that really reflects life, trust her : she knows how to capture the most beautiful emotions !


OCEAN LOVER (@theamyst)

In the Cenelia team, we have a Thia and a ThEa!
Except that Thea actually looks more like Emily, you know ?

Surfing on the beaches of the Basque Country in summer, travelling to discover the world in winter, Thea is a fan of the ocean, the sand between her toes, the iodized air and the sun that gild her skin !

An activist for the protection of the oceans, Thea is also one of the ambassadors of the Surfrider Foundation.

You will have understood it, to be elegant even at the beach, nothing beats a trendy handbag Cenelia !

It would almost make me want to go on a longboard this story, so if you’re interested in adventure, we could organize a surf camp in the Landes next summer ?!



Melaine is the girl who looks like us : kind, sweet, benevolent, hardworking, ambitious… She’s like us !

She is a natural beauty, she loves to chat, she has lots of ideas, she loves the good pastries and teas of the Maison Constanti (come visit the Cénélia Apartment in Pau, I promise to take you there!).

Melaine likes to go out, party, feel free and… she has obviously chosen a small shoulder bag to accompany her in her daily life !

Well, in this picture, she’s giving him a hug, but in reality, this kind of fashion trendy handbag is just ideal to have your hands free and walk in the street, hold your coffee cup or the kids’ hands, isn’t it ?

This “Alpinias” collection no longer exists, it’s the hard reality of limited edition bags, but if you want to find your happiness among the new products (before others take advantage of them) it’s right here :


The heroine Cénélia of tomorrow is you !

You recognize yourself in the brand’s values, you like beautiful things, pretty clutch bags and trendy handbags, you are sensitive to French craftsmanship and handmade goods, you are a fashion bag addict and a sun lover ?

Become the new ambassador by contacting me by e-mail 😉

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