« The Parisian style »

The collection of Haute Couture bags and clutch bags created around exceptional weavings


The Parisian style is a concept, almost a myth : the proof, it is envied by us all over the world !
But what are the secrets of the Parisian woman to have such a fascinating style ?

First of all, the Parisian woman wants to be beautiful but by giving the impression that she has not made any effort : the beauty enhancement is always natural.

Second tip : the Parisian always shifts her looks. And that’s where the Haute Couture Collection by Cénélia comes in !

« Mix a pretty bag or a sophisticated clutch with a timeless beauty, a black dress, well-cut jeans, a blouse : it gives chic !
Dare also the combo between a street piece and a very Couture bucket bag…
In two words : stand out ! That’s the Parisian style ! »

« Whether you’re in wonder woman fashion in the urban jungle, going to work when it gets ugly and grey outside, being invited to a great party, a night out or a wedding as a bridesmaid, this collection of pretty bags and clutches will go with you everywhere !
You can wear your love bag for a special occasion or on a daily basis and on holiday : it will always give you the impression of going to the coconut palms for a chill on a beautiful sunny day !
No more bags and clutch bags left in the closet : these are made and designed for real life ! »


Let’s be clear on one point : the Parisian woman is not defined by where she lives ! This style is a state of mind, it is a tendency that signs the independence of the woman who assumes her life choices, who does not fit into any box, who does not suffer diktats.

The Parisian takes care of her body, she crosses anywhere, walks fast, she tastes her tea at the Café de Flore and drinks red wine with her friends, pretends to eat organic, she matches on Tinder, she is nice, smiling, kind, funny and touching, she needs love and gratitude, she puts on vermilion lipstick, rides on her bike, she laughs to pieces… She is free, and this Parisian woman is us 😉

In terms of fashion, the Parisian woman doesn’t follow the mode, she creates it ! And she loves to add a touch of colour to her life to brighten up her daily life : that’s just the thing, that’s exactly what inspired me to create this exclusive line of leather goods created around exceptional weavings.


Perfectly combining high French haute couture and Caribbean inspiration, the bags and clutch bags in the « Haute Couture by Cénélia» collection are mixed creations made in a very limited edition.

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