« Come on, let’s escape ! »

Here is the mix and match of our perfect fall look to make this season a new spring !


A Prince of Wales checkered jacket, a pretty beret for the French touch, a small coloured bag, here is the perfect fall look to copy without moderation !

The days are getting shorter, the holidays are already far away, the floors are strewn with leaves… and we have taken out the coats.

Personally, the only things I find cool this season are the beautiful colors of the landscapes, the dim light when the sun deigns to appear on the tip of his nose, the hair of my cat that grows and gives him back his baby face and the pears of my market gardener !

If like me you are not a big fan of autumn fashion, the return of boots and scarves, here is a little autumn look that should reconcile you with the cool temperatures of the moment !

« Even Cosmopolitan magazine says it : you can wear color without looking like the mane of a unicorn. Gone are the total black fall look, this season we’re shaking up the codes and boosting our dressing room !
Accessories have the power to enhance and awaken an overly classic outfit. So for those who don’t yet assume the responsibility of dressing in a rainbow from head to toe, jump into the water without taking any risks with a colourful bag !
I chose this fall look for the pretty Charlotte to show you how easy it is to wear color even when winter is fast approaching : take your pretty basics, your favorite black pants, a small white t-shirt, a pair of sneakers, add a very fashionable piece (the checkered jacket in this lookbook), and hop, there you go !
You will see, not only will you shine but you will also smile because yes, colour is good for morale ! »


  • The checkered print

The star print of the season is the tile ! Prince of Wales, houndstooth, tartan or Scottish, in XXL version, coloured, in black and white : it is available in an infinite variety.
We are therefore adopting it without delay to be at the forefront of fashion this fall.
And good news, the check print blends with all styles, whether you’re casual, bohemian, classy or sportswear.

  • The beret

Originally, he was from SouthWest of France. All the more reason to honour him in this fall look ! But from Pau to the fashion shows of the French Haute Couture brands, there is only one step, as everyone knows !!
To wear the beret properly, do not blowdry or stylize your hair too much. And let your hair free please !

  • The shoulder bag

No room for greyness ! This autumn, the colour is there to perpetuate the neon trend, to take the autumn against its will and to compensate for the gloominess of the first frost. Just like fuchsia pink, lagoon green is one of the season’s highlights, creating a bold wardrobe.
Two things : either you take on the colour in total look, or you go by the touch with one of our pretty bags ! « Lou », « Nina », « Zoé », « Lola »… It’s up to you to choose what YOUR Cenelia will be !

Pssst : we offer you the personalization of the medallion that comes with your little bag… and if you feel like having a nice design engraved on it, go to our design boards, we just put them online !

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