So… Today we’re going to talk about my new Haute Couture bag collection

Hello hello the #clubcenelia !

That’s it, spring is coming, the narcissuses and mimosas are in bloom, you’re probably as happy about it as I am.

Spring means new collection … I can no longer resist revealing the first chapter that highlights tweed, an exceptional weaving technique, which I had at heart to work on in this Haute Couture bag collection by Cénélia.

The favorite in the middle of a Parisian trip


It all started during a visit to Paris in January. After having visited my usual addresses whose weavings and canvases had really not excited me, I was desperate to find the wonderful fabrics I had in mind for my new collection of bags and clutch bags ….

When I work on a new collection, as a perfectionist that I am, I know exactly what I want, often a mix of materials carefully assembled as I discover and inspire, but the concern is that these materials do not look like any other… Why not create these weaves, you will answer me ?…

Quite simply because it would require a large volume and because the Cénélia are always made in limited editions. These small series is one of the brand’s signatures to guarantee that your neighbour Martine will not have the same handbag as you.

Let’s go back to that famous trip to the Capital. One Sunday morning, thinking I’d go back to the workshop empty-handed, I decided to go to the market in the 12th arrondissement to clear my head (and also to buy “Merveilleux” from Fred, I confess). A little aside for those who still don’t know what this exquisite delicacy is, it’s this way :  Aux Merveilleux de Fred

And then, miraculously, I stumbled upon the Malhia Kent shop. How had I not thought of that before? You would have seen me in front of the window : a real kid!

I think I spent a good ten minutes imagining all the beautiful bags, clutch bags and bags I was going to be able to make and I was super frustrated that I couldn’t touch them. As a good designer, I have a vital need to have the materials in hand. Leathers, canvases, weavings, ornaments, warps, even rivets : nothing passes through the workshop door without having had this tactile validation !

Tuesday morning 10:00 am, here I am back as soon as I open my Ali Baba cave in the luxury weaving version, where this new collection of Haute Couture bags by Cénélia was born….

















Discovering the Malhia Kent workshop


Malhia Kent : It is actually one of the most incredible luxury fabric design and manufacturing workshops that collaborates with the greatest international designers.

Chanel, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Fendi, Dior, Vuitton, Pucci, all entrust the Maison Malhia Kent with the production of their precious pieces, 100% Made in France and unique in the world.

I really like this sentence from Eve Corrigan, President and Artistic Director of the Company, who explains: Notre philosophie, c’est de rester dans l’incroyable, l’intissable, de créer les tissus de l’impossible “.
” Our philosophy is to remain in the incredible, the nontissuable, to create fabrics for the impossible”
This audacity resonates with me. It is essential to Cénélia, to the world of my sunny leather goods brand, which is unlike any other. 

With their fancy threads, twisted, sequined, braided, Malhia Kent workshops assemble exceptional materials for the production of exceptional fabrics. Exactly what I was looking for. I was so happy !

The choice of weavings was delicious, as you can imagine ! I was afraid to spend hours there, hesitating. Not at all, it was … obvious ! I selected the brightest tweeds, whose weaving methods were all different, giving each one a particular relief, and which could be worked in bags and clutch bags considering the technical constraints that arise during their assembly.

The Haute Couture bag collection by Cénélia was born from the perfect marriage of French luxury and Caribbean inspiration. From inspiration to tailoring, I share all their secrets with you here…















“Sarah” : the great Haute Couture bag collection


It is a tweed full of energy, very Chanel, very Couture, very Frenchy, very passionate red, very Parisian, very “I love you”.

The silver threads intertwined in the weaving make these bags real little jewels that we will love to wear with a very wise dress, to go from the office to the restaurant in a blink, or with a casual look, jean mom and sneakers.

This bucket bag is very Mademoiselle Chanel and it’s no coincidence : a true genius of fashion, she has left an imprint on history thanks to her modern, elegant and audacious creations, literally revolutionizing the women’s wardrobe.
It is a small (and modest) wink that I wanted to make to him through this collection.

Mademoiselle Chanel thought of her creations with the aim of “allowing women to move easily, not to feel disguised, not to change their attitude or way of being”.
I recognize myself in his words by always trying to offer you bags and clutch bags with a chic but informal style, elegant but not stuffy.

This clutch bag will give you the freedom to do what you want and live life to the fullest by accompanying you on every occasion. Wear it cross body or shoulder, hand or arm….

In a word : be yourself, that’s how you are the most beautiful !

















“Chloé” : a sweet and sour creation


With its soft and acidulous shades, this weaving is a real candy ! This Haute Couture bag collection is incredible, isn’t it ?!

This yellow-dominant tweed delicately intertwines a small soft green, a powder pink, a little ivory thread and, to awaken the whole, a bright fuchsia pink…

The Haute Couture bag collection “Chloé” is available in bucket, clutch and is combined, depending on the model, with ultra bright yellow leather or an equally cheerful Cordura fibre.

This collection of leather goods is ideal for a wedding, engagement, baptism, to boost a dress or a small evening dress.

You’ll also love wearing this bag love in the city or on vacation with a less formal look : he’ll love walking around with you, take him wherever you want !

Would you prefer to own a model of this line decorated with a chain and gold jewellery ? The “Chloé” collection, like all the Cénélia collections, can be personalized or custom-made according to your wishes.
Just ask me and the workshop will grant all your wishes !
















“Joy” : my wink to the Caribbean


This Haute Couture bag collection is the Caribbean sunset in all its splendour….
The one you dream of admiring with your feet in the still warm sand, your hair in the wind and a mojito (virgin or not it’s up to you !) in your hand.

This tweed is full of vitamins, it has the ability to put you in a good mood, it is joyful, lively, bold… I love it !

And it goes with everything : jeans, very business woman tailor, small light dress, your boyfriend’s shirt… It is to be worn without moderation and has no limit except your imagination.
Go ahead : with him, anything is possible !

A little confidence : when I arrived at Malhia Kent’s, I remember spotting it right away…. Except that it was a coupon (almost a confetti), in which I could only make one or two bags.
The nice person in charge of the workshop had to go to great lengths to satisfy me and find in his stocks an end of roll that he could remember.
You knew my keen sense of detail, you now have an idea of my tenacity 😉

Anyway, “Joy” is with us for our greatest pleasure.
He has joined the Cénélia family but, as you will have understood, it is an ultra-limited series so don’t delay to crack, this collection of bags is likely to be out of stock very quickly – moreover it makes me think that I really need to keep one for myself !















“Lucie” : the Haute Couture bag that smells like holidays

When I saw this weaving, I immediately imagined it worked in a small format, like a touch of colour pushed to its paroxysm that we would bring on a white and light dress, or with jean shorts and a very simple top, on a matt and tanned skin that smells like monoï and holidays.

Today, it is still the same image that I have in my head, and I know why : in 2018, I got two small pieces of sail from the Rosette skiff that a friend in charge of the boat gave me.

The skiff tour is an institution in Martinique and it is the only place in the world where these crews fight like lions (hahaha sea lions) for a whole week to win this race at sea. I have incredible memories of these regattas that combine celebration and Caribbean tradition like nowhere else.

And you’re starting to know me : from a idea in mind to the making of a bag, there’s only one step to take at Cénélia !

This weaving is almost fluorescent because it is so intense.
That’s good, you might say, because these ultra-vitamins shades are on all the podiums this summer….
It is therefore with great pleasure that we will bring this style down to the street with this Haute Couture bag collection so sunny !


Haute Couture bag creation that deserve to be taken care of


One last precision that is important : all the weavings in this collection of Haute Couture by Cénélia bags have been covered with canvas to ensure that these leather goods are perfectly held but not “cardboard”.

The material has been rigidified just the right way and these tweed bag loves have also been waterproofed as soon as they leave the workshop to accompany you in your wonder woman’s life. However, this woven fibre remains resistant. These are exceptional pieces that deserve to be treated with care. Don’t forget that !

To know everything about my advice on caring for your Cénélia bags and clutch bags,  click here, it’s all well explained !

I am very proud to have succeeded in going even further in my desire to mix French haute couture with Caribbean inspiration through this Haute Couture bag collection by Cénélia and these exceptional weavings.


The cauri shell on each bag, each shopping bag, each clutch bag still and always signs the nomadic, travelling and sunny identity of the brand you love so much, and believe me, on these sublime tweeds, it is even more highlighted, giving each piece the little note of audacity that we love so much !


I hope you will fall as in love with this new collection as we did in the workshop ! We have put all our love and know-how into it to offer you unique bags and clutch bags that will only belong to you.



Our visitors are already crazy about the prototypes and first models they saw in the showroom… It’s your turn to discover them now ! I look forward to reading your comments and feedback on these wonders…

Se you soon,



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