Hello hello the #clubcenelia !

Here we are : the season of ceremonies has begun and… big news this year : I said YES ! No no, not for a man (not yet ahaha), but to create my very first collection of wedding bags by Cénélia !

I know what you’re going to say to me: “Oh well, well, since we’ve been waiting for it… »

Are you ready? Let’s go for the overview of the clutch bags and little bags that will shine at your side for this great day !

The crazy birth of this collection of leather goods


Confidence : it may surprise you, I know, but I almost never draw my collections. At best, I sketch some sketches, rather to express a precise finishing detail in the workshop (you know, finishing is my hobby !), but otherwise everything is in my head. The models, the formats, the colors, the volumes, everything !

I had two challenges in mind: to define the colours of this Wedding Collection (easy, but I didn’t want to be in the pompom of the wedding bags and pockets that you see everywhere) and especially to create two new models in the spirit “Ok, I bought this piece of leather goods, and it is so beautiful that I really want to wear it also in real life! »

So I might as well tell you, so that my seamstresses would understand exactly what I had in my mind, I had no choice but to step out of my comfort zone and d.r.a.w. “Girls, kisses, I’ll be back in June, I’m going to stylize.”

So, a weekend later (Monday morning very early), here I am in the workshop with my pseudo sketches (art cannot be invented in forty-eight hours), my inspiration, my trend book, my notes… and my collages : I had created the prototypes of my two models in craft paper ! Fortunately, my team knows me because I think otherwise they would have fired me ! And then, verdict : they love it. It’s just a matter of time.  Relief.


The templates are created, the (real) prototypes too, the materials arrive, they are assembled: we are there and the first little bag “Weeding by Cénélia” is born, it is called “Romy”.

« Romy » : the perfect ceremony clutch bags


Ideal because it is both sober and elegant, brilliant but not bling-bling, soft and easy to match with any little dress !

This collection could have been called “Champagne please” because it is so sparkling !

Made with an iridescent leather that takes on silvery or golden reflections depending on the light, and with a pretty peach skin fibre, nude and natural to the velvet touch, this ceremonial clutch bag is simply awesome.

“Romy” is a wedding bag that came out first of the workshop. I remember that day I posted a story on Instagram saying that it was “as if I was going to the maternity ward” because I felt like I was giving birth to a project that was close to my heart and that I was carrying within me.

Perhaps also because it was my grandfather, who was crowned Best Worker in France in the field of leather work, who probably inspired me to work in leather and to wear the colours of French leather goods up high…. I will tell you about it in a future blog article!


« Zoé » : the cheerful and energized little wedding bag


The combination of this Klein blue and gold… How can we not fall in love with this wonder?! Okay, I probably lack a little objectivity, you might say, but honestly, how can I resist? – especially when you have it in your hands, I warn you it’s impossible !

You’ll laugh because I think I give him all these compliments to apologize : Zoe almost didn’t exist.

I had chosen my materials, made my inspiration boards, everything was validated, the orders were placed with the tanneries and… now I found a painting at an exhibition (where I didn’t even want to go because “no, I really don’t have time to go for a walk in a gallery there, you know?! »).

And then I realize my mistake : there is no bright and cheerful blue in my wedding bag collection. Not a dull blue, not a layette blue, a real sunny and bright blue.

A fault confessed is half redressed, I reopen my leather collections, fall on the color “Blue lady” in the color charts, and here is “Zoe” who will brighten up and illuminate your outfits for a wedding as well as everyday !

« Nina » : the ultra-feminine leather goods collection


As beautiful in a clutch bag format to slip in the essentials as in a bucket bag or a little bag, “Nina” is a wedding bag line that looks like us : it’s full of energy !

You will love wearing it with a classic outfit to give it the touch of energy that will set you apart, or with a little floral dress or jeans and sneakers to go out with friends.

Yes, there is no way that the pretty piece of leather goods you choose for a wedding or ceremony will remain in the closet ! That would be such a shame !

Made of soft, smooth leather combined with its suede leather twin, this beautiful clutch bag as pretty as a sour candy is enhanced with a slightly cracked golden leather piping to make it super trendy and very modern.

It is accompanied by its small cauri shell and its Cénélia medallion, customisable according to your desire for a first name, a sweet word, your initials, a date : it is up to you !

And it is of course a very limited edition made in only ten copies

« Lola » : the adorable pink powder wedding bag

She is “Romy’s” little sister : a magnificent iridescent velvet leather, a powdery pink peach skin, a little touch of gold, and here it is, the matter has been dealt with (easy, yes I know!).

This line of wedding bags – but not only ! – was born from pretty shells I had collected on the sand of Bonaire, an island east of Curaçao off the coast of Venezuela.

This place protected by a coral reef is certainly one of the places I enjoyed discovering the most ! The pink flamingos wander quietly among the turtles and multicoloured fish, in short, this spot is simply incredible for nature and diving lovers. So much so that these colours have always remained in my head….

I had already created the “Sandy kisses” collection in homage to this place, here is now “Lola”, so named in a nod to my little cousin who designed and imagined the first Cénélia bag with me just two years ago.

The visitors of the Cénélia Apartment which has just opened its doors in La Forge Moderne in Pau asked me to do so, so I would like to make it clear to you here : no, “Lola” does not like the rain, but it is not a fragile bag if you take care to waterproof it regularly !

« Lou » : my wink to the Caribbean


When I imagined this collection of wedding bags, I said “I want colour, I want the joy and happiness of such a ceremony to be reflected in the pockets and small bags that will be worn for the occasion. A wedding, a baptism, it is a family reunion, meetings that we remember, it is a pure moment of love and joy. It has to be seen! »

In the West Indies, women allow themselves to wear bright and colourful clothes for this great day. They are radiant, apprehensive, they are themselves, they are beautiful and it’s joyful !

In metropolitan France, if you arrive at the Town Hall in a red, pink or blue dress for the occasion, people will think you have become colour-blind.

So ok for a wise look, a little nude dress, a pastel outfit, and the accessory will do the rest: clutch bag and/or coloured pumps, original earrings… it’s up to you to decide but celebrate happiness as it should be !

“Lou” is the perfect incarnation of this note of colour : this lagoon green is a traveler, sunny. Even my Mom who doesn’t like green has fallen for him !

Thus was born my first collection of bags ” Wedding by Cénélia “…


It marks a turning point for the brand – and for me – because, just like the fashion design collection I presented to you a few weeks ago, it mixes French fashion design and Caribbean inspiration with softness and spontaneity, as if this alliance were simply an obvious way to brighten up both our daily lives and special occasions.


I also realize that I give myself a little more each time in these blog articles, making you enter my daily life and my universe with less timidity.


I like to share my inspirations, anecdotes with you, and I know, by reading you on my social networks, that you are sensitive to them. That’s very sweet !


I look forward to reading your comments and getting your feedback on these little wonders and their stories…

I’ll see you soon for the following adventures,



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