The talented pop’up store of French creators and designers that took place in Pau at Cénélia and Une Histoire de Cordes on Saturday, June 15, 2019 was a real success, and for a first, it was a great first!

The opportunity for me to show you a bit in pictures the event and to reveal to you behind the scenes 😉


Meet the French creators

We promised you : this pop-up store would not be a simple shop !

We wanted you to discover in exclusivity, in a friendly and cozy atmosphere, our new collections just out of our respective workshops, giving you the opportunity to meet the beautiful people who hide behind real French and ethical brands and who wear proudly the colors of Made in Pau … Promised thing, thing due!

You were so many to answer the call that this event “On vit d’été ” was a huge success, as much by the affluence than through the cool encounters we made!

What a pleasure to tell you about our world, our inspirations, stories of our handmade creations in Pau … What a joy to see your eyes widen discovering this unusual place in the heart of La Forge Moderne, to remember your smiles …

Thank you for sharing this moment with us !

Would you like to live those moments in pictures ? Come on, follow me, let’s go for the flashback of these few hours captured by our photographer, Sarah from the team Instantanées !

Pretty butterfly ready to take flight …

… & the creative workshop led by Anne | Pique & Colegram

The collab’ Cénélia x Infiniment


We thought we would wait a little while to reveal it to you… but neither Isabelle nor I could keep this secret any longer : we linked our two brands Cénélia and Infiniment through a pretty collab’ – which I call the dream collab’ so much it delights me – and it was a real pleasure to let you discover it last Saturday !

My collection of leather bags and clutch bags is very young, but these materials I choose carefully are so beautiful, so noble, that I wondered how I would manage to give the scraps (too small to be used by my leather goods workshop) a second life…

When I met Isabelle, I immediately fell under the spell of her bracelets, her inspirations, the history of her brand and her love for her profession-passion. Our partnership then became obvious…

The upcycling of my leather scraps transformed into sublime jewellery has become a reality thanks to Isabelle’s hands, who works with care and finesse.

Here is one of the beautiful facets of slow fashion : transform materials that are often unused by making them become bracelets that will delicately adorn your wrists this summer!

In large cuff, in association with a clutch bag for a ceremony or in mix and match with your little Cenelia bag from everyday life: it’s up to you to choose when and how you want to wear this pretty jewel !

Children’s fashion seen by Sabrina | Rue de l’Oranger

Saturday, June 15, 10:00, everything is calm. And suddenly … people ! Everywhere !

Small wooden wonders personalized | Marlène Wood Creation

Exceptional honeys | Miellerie Damine

Natural candles | Fragances Deco

The next pop’up store of French creators and designers in Pau, when is it ?!


Many of you are already asking me this question ! We haven’t set a precise date yet, but what is certain is that we will meet again very soon !

Maybe in the evening with an acoustic concert in the background, maybe for a nice dressing-room (occupying the magnificent space of my upstairs neighbor, mosaicist and creator of magnificent works of art, isn’t that Mary ?!) where you will have the opportunity to discover real fashion gems… If you have ideas, desires, if you want to join us because you are also a talented creator, you can leave a comment at the bottom of this article or contact me !

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I almost forgot : if you want to come by my permanent showroom and say hello, don’t hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to welcome you over a coffee (or tea, or a small aperitif depending on the time of day!).

I almost forgot : find all the pretty brands present at the event right here ↓

See you very soon,



Custom design furniture | Florian | Une Histoire de Cordes :


Kits and creative workshops | Anne | Pique & Colegram :


Custom embroidery| Florence | Libertille :


Pyrenean Honeys | Amine | Miellerie Damine :


Wooden and personalized decoration | Marlène | Marlène Wood Création :


Natural candles | Géraldine | Fragances Déco :


Bracelets and jewellery | Isabelle | Infiniment :


Wreaths of Caribbean flowers | Christelle | Wonderflower :


Accessories for young children | Mélanie | Jeanne et les Pirates :


Children’s fashion in recycled fabric | Sabrina | Rue de l’Oranger : ruedeloranger

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