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Today we will discuss a main topic to ensure a long life for your lovely Cénélia : how to care for his handbag, shopping bag or clutch bag so that they remain perfect your whole life !

Cenelia are designed and conceived for real life, so you are quite right to wear them without feeling precautious !

Ready ? Steady ! Here are all my bag care tips (tested and approved) to ensure that your beloved bag and clutch bag will last for ever.

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The basic rules of bag care tips


First of all, five rules are common to all Cénélia bags :

1| Never use chlorinated products (unless you embark on a tie and dye experiment at your own risk) or bleach.

2| Forget machine washing because of the leather parts and the super material (which is one of the brand’s manufacturing secrets) placed between the outside and the lining of your bag or clutch (it is what gives your Cénélia its perfect fit). Otherwise your creation will look like a ***** pieces of ****

3| Remember to remove (when it is removable) the jewelry that decorates your bag or clutch bag.

4| Always use a white or very light cloth to avoid color transfer to the material.

5| After cleaning, let your bag dry in the open air, never on a heater, in full sun under 50 degrees, or too close to the fire place !!!

Maintenance of the Cordura®


This canvas is a wonder ! Therefore I have selected it to constitute all the linings of the Cénélia bags as well as most of the bottoms of the shopping bags and travel bags !

Flexible and textured, light and robust, Cordura® fibre combines elegance and technicality.

These fabrics are waterproof, stain-resistant, ultra resistant to friction, tearing and abrasion (the American army meshes and the best brands of motorcycle clothing are made of them, just saying).

You will see that with all these advantages you will certainly prefer to clean your Cenelia bag than to wash the dishes !


  • For the linings

1| Rub with a cloth soaked in soapy water, ideally Marseille soap

2| Rinse with a damp cloth in warm water

3| Dab the material with a dry cloth

4| Dry in the open air

Little info : the linings are not sewn with the outer fabric of the bags, you can easily “unmould” them (I don’t know why I use this word that makes the whole workshop laugh but at least it speaks to everyone) and wash them independently of the rest of the creation.

  • For bag bottoms or clutch flaps

1| Use your detergent or Marseille soap (a little bit, don’t turn your bag into a bubble bath) and rub it with a sponge or soft brush

2| Rinse well with warm water

3| Dry in the open air

4| Done, it’s done !

Ironing with a very soft iron is possible, for those who want to have a perfectly wrinkled bag or clutch bag. Just be careful to avoid the magnet that closes the clutch bags.
























Care of coated linen


You will find it on the collections No mais Oui and Sorbet Coco.

This linen is also protected by a water-repellent and anti-stain treatment that prevents liquids from penetrating the material. So you can wear your bag in peace, even in winter or when it rains, and take your bag for a walk on the beach.

To remove a stain on linen, I advise you to use a soapy sponge, not to rub too hard but rather to dab, then rinse with clean water and let your Cenelia dry in the open air.

Easy ironing at low heat, taking care to avoid the magnet that closes the clutch bags.









Care of a leather bag


Leather is a living natural material that, like our skin, needs to be hydrated regularly to preserve its elasticity.

On the other hand, leather does not like water (like cats !).

Even if it is naturally waterproof and I carefully select my leathers from the best French tanneries that carefully treat each skin upstream, you are not protected from a heavy rainfall.

Rubbing with darker clothing can alter the light color of your leather bag.

So I advise you to waterproof your leather bag even before its first official release ! Its new appearance and colour will be preserved longer !

  • Bag care tips for smooth leathers

1 | Clean the dust your bag with a soft cloth

2| Feed him with a milk specially designed for leather, a drop of make-up remover milk or baby milk on a soft cloth

3| Gently rub in circular movements. Be careful, you don’t brush your leather bag like a sausage before putting it on the barbecue, thanks for him : I said “delicately” ?????

4| Dry before wiping the surface with a soft cloth

Avoid chemicals, forget baby wipes : the components of these products can alter the colour or appearance of the leather.

For pale leathers, it’s the same ! If a stain is more pronounced, take Marseille soap and wet a cloth, rub the leather gently, rinse gently, let dry, then use milk to nourish the leather and remove the last visible stains.

Talcum powder is also very effective in removing stains from the leather : sprinkle talcum powder, leave to stand and gently rub with a soft cloth.

  • How to care for a suede or suede bag ?

Turned skins are skins that require special attention. Their waterproofing is essential from the moment they are purchased ! And since we all have a special spray in our storage to care for our Ugg or low boots made of velvet calfskin, I simply advise you to use this product which will allow your leather bag with a peach skin feel to keep its original colour.

If you have a stain on suede leather, don’t panic : clean it gently with a special “suede” rubber and don’t rub it like a wild one because it would irreparably damage the material !

For more persistent stains, sprinkle with talcum powder, leave on overnight and brush with a suede brush.

And for regular care, this soft little suede brush will do the job !

In case of a major accident on a suede leather bag, “la terre de Sommières” will save you ! It’s a formidable natural trick if you act quickly!

1| Sprinkle generously with Sommières soil on the task

2| Let it work overnight

3| Brush with your suede brush


































Bag care tips for the wax


Waxed, shiny and super colored, your wax bag is a little Afro-chic wonder that is very easy to maintain if you follow these few tips :

1| Gently rub with a soft cloth soaked in soapy water, ideally Marseille soap

2| Rinse with a wet cloth in warm water in which you can add white vinegar so that your wax retains its full shine.

3| Dab the material with a dry cloth

4| Dry in the open air

The wax can be ironed, I do it systematically before sending you your orders (I’m a perfectionist, that’s how it is…). To smooth the material, simply protect it from excessive heat from the iron with a wet cloth.

Now you know all my tricks for cleaning a wax bag like your Outre-Mer shopping bag, your Summer Fly bag or your big Surfing Day beach bag













Care of peach skin suede clothes


We love this soft and velvety fabric which is resistant and hydrophobic ! And yes, the suede I choose for the Cénélia bags and clutch bags is a solid, water-repellent and anti-stain microfibre that hides its play well behind its fake fragile appearance as long as you respect these little regular care tips :

1| Brush with a soft, dry brush (an old toothbrush can do the trick) to remove dust from the material

2 | Soak the brush in soapy water (the famous Marseille soap is still perfect), and gently rub it

3 | Dab with a soft cloth to wipe the material

4 | Dry in the open air

5 | If necessary, gently brush the suede again once dry to restore its suppleness.

On a daily basis, if your peach skin bag is in the rain (because yes, you don’t always have your umbrella), remember to wipe it down by dabbing the material so that the water is not absorbed by the microfibre.

To deal with nasty greasy stains, gently dab the fabric with a soft cloth soaked in water and white vinegar instead of Marseille soap. Sommières soil also works very well to maintain your suede bag and if you prefer this natural cleaning solution :

1| Sprinkle generously with Sommières soil on the task

2| Let it work overnight

3| Brush with a soft brush

















How to clean a cloth, linen, jacquard or cotton canvas bag ?


No machine washing for your Tropical Mood shopping bag, Jungle Night bucket bag or Arawack clutch bag : remember what I told you at the very beginning of this article !

On the other hand, an easy and quick hand cleaning will restore your Cenelia to its full splendor :

1| Rub (gently) your bag with a cloth soaked in soapy water, ideally Marseille soap

2| Rinse with a wet cloth in warm water

3| Dab the material with a dry cloth

4| Dry in the open air

5| Job done !


Some customers have also tested bicarbonate and they are delighted with it ! If you like, here’s their advice :

1| Sprinkle your bag with bicarbonate

2| Let it work for one night

3| Brush it with a soft brush


PS : These methods also work perfectly for the superb linen canvas in the Valina, Yummy Break and Bleu Corail collections !


PS 2 :  If you want to give the most beautiful gift to your canvas bag, give it  spray TexGuard ! This Made in France product acts deep inside the fibre to waterproof it and protect your Cenelia from wear, stains, dust, water and even grease.


PS 3 :  Ironing with a very soft iron is possible by making sure to bypass the magnet that closes the clutch bags.





















Bag care tips for tweed and Haute Couture weaving pieces


We are talking about the Manuela, Chloé, Sarah and Joy collections in particular. These are luxury bags that you must take great care of. But don’t worry, everything will be fine if you follow these little instructions:

Tweeds and Haute-Couture weavings are delicate fabrics, particularly because of their fibers, which are not very tightly assembled. However, all Cénélia bags in Haute-Couture weaving are canvas-backed to guarantee you the ideal rigidity and better fibre retention.

Avoid repeated rubbing with abrasive materials, take care of them as you would with a gorgeous Chanel jacket and everything will be fine !

Cénélia Haute-Couture bags, clutch bags and bucket bags are treated with a waterproofing spray (the famous  TexGuard I mentioned above) as soon as they leave the workshop. You can repeat this anti-stain treatment as often as you like.

And if necessary, here are my care tips :

1| Soak a soft cloth in warm water and Marseille soap

2| Rub the stain very gently

3| Rinse by dabbing with a cloth dampened with warm water

4| Dab the material with a dry cloth

5| Dry in the open air















Bag care tips for vegan leather


Too easy :

1| Rub with a cloth (or sponge) soaked in warm water and Marseille soap

2| Rinse

3| Wipe the material with a dry cloth

4| Dry in the open air








Care of chains, brass jewellery and bag jewellery


Use a wet chamoisine to clean small dirt.

Metal parts can also be polished dry.

Care should be taken when using chemicals that can alter the finish and gold or silver flash of the metal parts.









Bag care tips for leather handles


They are the parts of the bag that we have the most in hand and the handles of our favorite bags deserve a little special treatment to to remain in perfect condition :

1| Take a microfibre cloth and moisten it with warm soapy water

2| Rub the handles, especially the inside.

3| Rinse with clean water using the cloth

4| Dab the material with a dry cloth and let it dry in the open air

5| Give them with a milk specially made for leather.

4| Dry before wiping the surface with a soft cloth

Avoid chemicals, forget baby wipes : the components of these products can alter the colour or appearance of the leather.












This concludes my overview of my bag care tips for your favourite Cénélia. If you were wondering how to maintain your leather handbag, how to clean your linen clutch bag or your pretty suede bucket bag, I hope I answered it as precisely as possible !

Your bag is now ready to follow you in all your adventures, and whether it is stained, dusty or wet after a rain shower, you will now know how to take care of it : it will give it back to you a hundredfold !


Come on, one last bag care tip for the road : avoid grabbing your bag right after you put moisturizer on your hands ! I’m the queen to do this thing and it’s the best way to leave grease stains on your love bag.


And what tips do you use to clean your handbag ? Share them in comments, I will be happy to answer them !


See you soon,

Sunny kisses,



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