Exception bags and clutches

The alliance of the excellence of the French know-how
and the Caribbean way of life


The little bags

To feel light and have your hands free

The bucket bags

The trendy size

The shopping bags

The handbag designed for daily use


The collab' x Mademoiselle Modeuse

One little bag purchased = One purse offered


The clutch bags

In every woman hides a party girl

The weekend bags

The large model that simplifies life


« Come on, let's escape ! »

Brighten up your fall looks with a touch of colour to make this season a new spring !










« The Parisian woman »

Haute Couture bags and clutches created around exceptional weavings












I believe in a joyful, bold, responsible and ethical fashion

That our excellent French know-how must be honoured

That a pretty bag can enhance any look, even our weekend chill wear

In the sweetness of Caribbean life to brighten up our daily lives

That our handbags must be as beautiful as they are practical

That each little cauri that accompanies your Cénélia can take you in the blink of an eye to the sunlights of the tropics

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